About Stocklear

What is Stocklear?

Stocklear is a B2B marketplace dedicated to overstocks. We allow wholesalers, distributors and retailers to purchase lots of goods sold directly by major brands and retailers.

What can I buy on Stocklear?

The Stocklear marketplace allows you to purchase products from many different categories. The items offered on Stocklear are overstocks, end-of-life products, customer returns and off-label products from the major brands and the major European retailers.


How can I create an account?

To create an account on Stocklear, click here. You will be asked to provide your company name, VAT number, name, email, phone number and desired password. Accept the General Conditions and click on “Create my account” to complete the process.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Follow the instructions provided in the email to confirm your account.

How can I confirm my account?

After completing the account registration, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. You must click on the link to confirm and complete the registration process. If you don’t receive this email, check your spam. If you still can’t find it, contact us.

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What categories of goods are available?

The Stocklear marketplace contains products graded from A to D according to their quality:

A: New:  Never sold at retail, these items are functional and ready for resale.

B: Customer Returns: Purchased at retail and returned for any reason. Those are 14 to 30 days customer returns. 95% of those are undamaged in original boxes.

C: Untested: Partially functional inventory and / or inventory with large cosmetic damage, including deep scratches and bumps. Accessories may not be included.

D: Non-functional: Whatever the condition of the product, it is considered D when it is non-functional (screen that no longer works, parts missing, etc.).

How can I find out exactly in what condition each product of an offer is?

Each offer contains detailled information in the area called “Let’s see what’s inside” regarding the status of each item. The product listing also includes information such as: item description, quantity, model, EAN, description and retail price (RRP). The product listing can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

Check our offers from major european brands and retailers:

What are the different typologies of offers?

What is a blind box?

As its name suggests, it means that it’s blind: the vendor does not fully know what’s inside the box.

Variation is both on the content and on the quantities.

In the vast majority of cases, it’s a retailer who’ll propose its customer returns through Stocklear.

Why some offers are “closed”?

Some vendors doesn’t want that their offers are accessible by all the buyers. Thus, they close the access to those offers.
You just have to click on “Request access”. Then, the vendor has 24 hours to validate your application. If you are accepted, you can then put an auction or purchase.

What’s a “Mixed pallet”?

A “Mixed Pallet” is a pallet of products mixing several SKU’s (=product references).
You can find in those pallets product from a same family.
Product quantities are known.
Exact ventilation of the product are not always known (for fashion for example : exact splitting of sizzing is not known).

What is a partial purchase offer?

A partial purchase offer is different from an offer in the form of an auction by the fact that you can select the products you wish to acquire.

These offers are not settled by a date but have a minimum purchase amount.

Place a bid

How can I place a bid?

First, log into your account and then select the offer you want to bid on. If you don’t have an account, sign up now. Click on the offer then on “BID”. Your offer must be equal to or greater than the “Starting Price” or “Current Bid” to be valid. The amount of the first auction is free. As soon as there has been a first bid, the minimum bid for an offer is € 50 tax excl.

How does the auction system work?

When you bid, enter amount you are willing to pay for the offer.

If someone outbids, you will receive an email notification to let you know so you can decide whether to continue bidding at a higher price or not. To win an auction the reserve price must be reached. If a sale is finalized and the reserve price has not been reached, the highest bid will not win this auction.

How do I know if my bid has been accepted?

After entering your offer and pressing “BID”, you will receive a confirmation email.

In addition, in the “DASHBOARD” menu, select “Auction” to display your current active auctions.

Note that accepted bids are legally considered as a contractual obligation (cf. the general terms of sale “Term of purchase”).

How can I track my open auctions?

In the “DASHBOARD” menu, select “Auctions” to see your active auctions and their status. For active auctions where you are not the best bidder, you will be asked to bid higher.

How do I know if I won a bid?

When an auction ends and the reserve price has been reached, the highest bidder wins. A notification will be sent by email and displayed on the “Order” page in the “DASHBOARD” menu.

What is the “reserve price”?

The reserve price is the lowest bid the seller will accept for the auction to take place. When the reserve price for a sale is not reached at the end of the auction, no winner will be declared, even if there may have been offers received.

What is the difference between a “Fixed Bid” and a “Max Bid”?

You can place a bid either as a “Max Bid” or “Fixed Bid“.

1. Fixed Bid

A “Fixed Bid” is a bid of a fixed unique amount for a lot. If a bidder place a superior bid to yours, you then have place a new bid so as to become again the best bidder.

2. Max Bid

With the “Maxi Bid”, you indicate the maximum amount your a willing to pay for a lot. This automatic system allows you to outbid automatically when an other bidder is placing a bid. And this, as long as your maximum bid is not reached.

This does not necessarily correspond to the maximum amount you have entered as a maximum offer, but the amount as the next acceptable bid.
Acceptable bid means the bid that correspond to the “Auction step”.
Auction Step on Stocklear are organised this way :

  • First auction step is free
  • Next auction step is 50€ (tax excluded) every step, every new bid

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Billing and payments

How can I check the status of a payment?

Log in and go to the “ORDERS” menu under the “Dashboard” section to follow the payment status. The bank transfer status changes from “not settled” to “processing” until the receipt of funds is confirmed. At this point, the state changes from “processing” to “Paid”.

Who charges me?

Stocklear, as a marketplace, has a mandate to invoice you on behalf of the sellers.

What about VAT?

The VAT will be applied according to the location of your company this in order to respect the obligations in terms of collection.


Who is in charge of transport?

The buyer is responsible for the transport.

However, we can provide you with transport quotation. If you consider it’s good quotation, we put you in contact with the transporter.

Also, we recommend two partners which are very efficient and very strong :

  • Everoad : able to ship goods all around Europe. Use the code HAPPY10 for your quotation so as to get a 10% discount on your quotation.
  • Chronotruck : able to ship goods all around Europe.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further question regarding transport.

Who pays the shipping costs?

You must pay the shipping costs associated with your order. For international buyers (outside the European Economic Area), this includes import duties, taxes and charges related to the importation of goods into your country.

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