What is the difference between a “Fixed Bid” and a “Max Bid”?

You can place a bid either as a “Max Bid” or “Fixed Bid“.

1. Fixed Bid

A “Fixed Bid” is a bid of a fixed unique amount for a lot. If a bidder place a superior bid to yours, you then have place a new bid so as to become again the best bidder.

2. Max Bid

With the “Maxi Bid”, you indicate the maximum amount your a willing to pay for a lot. This automatic system allows you to outbid automatically when an other bidder is placing a bid. And this, as long as your maximum bid is not reached.

This does not necessarily correspond to the maximum amount you have entered as a maximum offer, but the amount as the next acceptable bid.
Acceptable bid means the bid that correspond to the “Auction step”.
Auction Step on Stocklear are organised this way :

  • First auction step is free
  • Next auction step is 50€ (tax excluded) every step, every new bid

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